As a Registered Charity, we can claim Gift Aid. What does Gift Aid mean for our Rescue?  This means that, for every £1 donated by friends, sponsors etc., 25p (at present) can be claimed back from H.M.Revenue.

Donantion inc. Gift Aid Form

The procedure is simple. If, as a U.K.Tax Payer, you wish to make a donation, then send it to the Rescue with a Gift Aid Donation Form - these can be downloaded from our web site Indicate on the Form that you wish this money to be treated as a Gift Aid Donation. All we need you to do is to complete a Form. So taking you through the Gift Aid Donation Form................

If it is just a single one off donation just fill in that amount in option 1. If you wish all donations you make until further notice(these can include your Memberships to the Friends Group) to be treated as Gift Aid Donations until you notify the Rescue that you no longer wish to do this, then you should use option 2 or 3

Implications: You must be a U.K. Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax Payer. YOU PERSONALLY only get Tax Relief if you are likely to pay 40% tax. What happens is that your Personal Allowance threshold is increased, thus raising the level where the 40% tax kicks in. You will only get this benefit if you report it on your income tax return. INHERITANCE TAX IMPLICATIONS. Although the Chancellor increased the threshold for Inheritance TAX (IHT) to £600k, this only applies to married couples where the first partner dies leaving everything to the surviving spouse. However donations to a Registered Charity can enable relief to be claimed in IHT. Thus, by indicating in your will that a donation is to be left to the Setter Rescue, Charity No 1125317, means that the amount donated is deducted from the estate for the purpose of computing the IHT liability. Remember that IHT is assessed at 40%, so this is something well worth doing. A worthy cause is supported, and the Chancellor has less money to waste.

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We are a Rescue Group for Irish Setters, founded in 1968 and operating throughout the British Isles - you will find us listed in the Kennel Club Rescue Directory and likewise publications. We became a Registered Charity in August 2008 - The Irish Setter Rescue Group Charitable Trust - 1125317.

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