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WILLOW ( PLEASE DONATE) We are still looking for a home for this little girl because a time waster has let her down!


WILLOW English Setter Bitch. 

Willow is a neutered a  Tri-coloured English Setter from the working side of the breed.  She is in Bosnia, was on the streets but was rescued by a Rescue over there.  The conditions of the Street dogs is very bad there and when we were advised about Willow we knew we couldn't leave her there to maybe never find a loving home.  She has been kennelled with other dogs, they don’t have separate Kennels as there are so many dogs this rescue is trying to cope with, so we know that she is alright with other dogs.  She is, like all the working ones, smaller than the show type ones.  Now that we have committed to bringing her to the U.K. she will be transferred to another place where the dogs who have homes to go to are kept until they can travel.    She will of course have a Pet Passport so all her vaccinations, micro chip etc will be up to date.  We will also request that she is tested for the tropical diseases,  all Tick bourne ones, Heart Worm and Leishmaniasis.   She will be bathed and have a makeover by our Groomer before going to her new home.

We are looking for a home for Willow with people who know and have had experience of owning setters, she will need time to settle and no doubt some training quietly and gently.  She must be so frightened.
We would be grateful for any donations to help with the costs of bringing her over.  We have a Pay Pal account on our website  We expect that she will arrive in the U.K. and be ready for homing mid November.

If you think that you could give a loving home to Willow please phone Rescue on 01787 248143 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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