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Rufus Rufus

Rufus is a 4 years old neutered boy probably from the working side of the breed.    RESERVED

Rufus has come not our care  from a kind lady who rescued him from a Shelter in Greece.  Unfortunately Rufus  needs a home as an only dog, this lady had a Bedlington Terrier Bitch and Rufus did not want the little girl to get any attention, he wanted all the fuss and cuddles for himself.

Rufus is very affectionate, likes lots of cuddles. He is house-trained and well behaved indoors.     Like most I.Setters his recall is not to be relied on, if he is tired he may come back more quickly but if he is interested in a scent, or anything that moves you may have a long wait!!

We are looking for a home with experienced Setter owners, better still if they have owned one from the  working side of the breed before.  We will need a home where there is someone around for most of the time, who have a large and secure garden preferably in a country area.

As we have said Rufus needs to be in a home where he is the only dog, no cats or young children.

All his vaccinations are up to date, he has a Pet Passport.  He will be bathed and Groomed by Jo our Groomer before going to a new home.

If you think that you have the perfect home for Rufus please contact Rescue on 01787 248143 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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